“I’m John Moser, owner of/accountant at Main Objective Ltd, a London, England-based small business accounting service, trading for the last eighteen years and dealing mainly with one- to two-person operations.

As a one-man band myself, an instinctive understanding of your situation is a given. Financial constraints can be rejected by people pursuing their commercial dreams, yet a lack of financial regulation risks letting those dreams go unchecked by harsh commercial realities.

Hopefully, I can assist you in striking an agreeable balance, in addition to handling all your compliance requirements.”

“It was my pleasure to work with John. So nice gentleman, with a five-star service! Here I just want to share with others! Recommend strongly! Thanks John for your professional services!”

Ridong Fei
Network Engineer
Enrigin (Europe) Ltd

2023 Accounting & Tax Charges

Financial Planning

Budget & Cashflow Forecast
100 GBP + VAT        
Per Month


Per Employee
250 GBP + VAT
Per Year

Annual Accounts/Corporation Tax Return

150 GBP + VAT        (dormant)
375 GBP + VAT        (trading)

Management Reporting

Income Statement et al
200 GBP + VAT
Per Month


Quarterly Returns
300 GBP + VAT
Per Year

SA 100 Personal Self-Assessment

Per Director
150 GBP + VAT
Annual Charge

Commercial Reporting / Consultancy

Competitor Analysis / Per Hour
995 GBP + VAT / 50 GBP + VAT

“John is very helpful and knowledgeable regarding payroll, UK statutory filings and for general support with financial administration. His high speed of engagement and general diligence are flawless. My highest recommendations.”

Magnus Lind
Chief Executive Officer
Skanör Group Ltd

Accounting Workflow


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“John Moser is one of the most professional people I have been working with during my entire career. He is very precise and reliable in every step of the way. Also, optimistic, supportive and well-informed. I can recommend John with full confidence, that your hard work will be in good hands.”
Maja Zarkovic
Arte Adria Ltd


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    Commercial Publishing Services

    1.   Publisher’s note re historical publications (variously comprising Poetry, Fiction, Music, Satire & Essays):

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    2.  Stereo Analogue England – Takes On The 1970s: this magazine’s website has now been published. (09/22)

    3.  Main Review England: this magazine’s website has now been published. (10/22)