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The Main Objective


Accountancy for the sole trader/small business/creative sector can be problematic. The clipped, blue-shirt-and-tie reputation of the profession might suit large enterprises in the manufacturing and financial sectors, where complex operations involve many hundreds of staff and anodyne application of business fundamentals is key.

It doesn’t necessarily meet the needs of the start-up/small business.

In general, a sole trader, start-up or small business will differ from the above on two crucial issues:

Profitability & expansion are sought for the combination of wealth and personal fulfillment they bring, not solely to accumulate cash and assets.

The kind of individual who sets up on this basis genuinely enjoys what they do, Though the profit motive is significant (how otherwise can you keep on doing what you want to do if you can’t afford it), it is not everything.

Our Values

At Main Objective we know that the right kind of encouraging, understanding attitude afforded at the very beginning can make a fledgling enterprise a long-term, stable, successful one.

With backgrounds in various sleeves-rolled-up accounting roles in the Publishing and Games Industry sectors, we have seen that the right kind of attitude afforded at the very beginning is vital to small business success.

The morale of people newly in business, though high on the concepts and belief in the viability of the venture, is easily deflated by overly-censorious analysis and unwieldy demands from ‘advisors’ in an official capacity such as accountants. Yet equally, a lack of rigorous financial planning early on can lead to failure.

Main Objective specifically sets out to feed in gradually the requirements; statutory (incorporation, annual returns, VAT etc) as well as internal (monthly reporting, maintenance of customers & suppliers for example), and remove from the owner the onus of instigating the procedures around the above.

If a collaborative approach to accounting and financial management for your business is appealing, do make sure to look at our Accounting and Taxation FAQ pages for further information.


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